Mobile Design and Marketing

In this post we will discuss Mobile Design

Mobile Design in Fargo, North Dakota – by Suite 171

Everything’s mobile, or at least everything new. Mobile design is at the forefront of our minds on any new project. You can’t ignore the fact that the majority of Google searches are done from mobile devices. You also can’t ignore the fact that the current college generation uses computers only to type reports, not to communicate. You might not think of millennials as your target customers, but their influence is everywhere. They’re leading the way by example, only being available through their phones which forces others to communicate via mobile devices to reach them. More time on phones means even consumers who are usually glued to their computers are more likely to search for you on their phones too. Mobile just can’t be ignored.

This is why we create every project with the knowledge that phone users are a large part of any business’s target audience. The bulk of social media is done on phones, and so when the link to your site is passed around on people’s social apps, it is imperative that your site is mobile ready. You’re one click away from your customers, and the fact that your mobile ready site loads quickly and cleanly will give you an edge over your competition for sure.

Mobile Design

Mobile design is for more than your smart phone and your tablet computer. It is for every smart device being created these days. Did you know that refrigerators now come with internet connections? One day soon you will simply order your groceries with the touch screen on your refrigerator door and the grocery store that is mobile ready is going to win. This is today’s technology.

Don’t get overwhelmed by thinking of all the devices you need to be ready for, just design your website for fluid and flexible viewing across all browsers. The term being used today to describe this kind of design is Responsive Web Design (RWD). It is the standard for current design and when done right, will adapt to mobile users of the future.

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Social Media
If you’re not already using social media for business, let us show you what you’re missing out on. There is more traffic on Facebook than Google. One of Google’s measurements for ranking search results includes social influence. In fact, many business websites fall below their own social media accounts in search results.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to use social media for business. Let us guide your social media strategy to make the most of your target audience’s online habits. We can show you how to engage with your customers in a way that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts, adjust your content accordingly, and keep in front of the eyes that matter. And if you don’t have the time, we do. Contact us today to discuss your options.