Do you have your content advocates set?

Viral and social are two buzz words that are misunderstood. I’ve often used the word viral to describe posts that have reached about 200 people – oops, not the least bit viral.

For something to be truly viral, it must travel past your tribe of immediate social friends and get to that next level of people who view and share your posts without knowing who you are at all. It doesn’t automatically translate into increased business either.

If viral spread of your content is the goal, social media is the tool or the means to get there. But what is effective social media? And how do you create it? Good question.

Think of each social tool as having its own rhythm, its own culture, unique from all the other social media tools. People who are active in one social site are not active in all of them. They have their favorites, the tools that work with their lifestyle.

It is not safe to assume that if you only have time to concentrate on one, you must pick Facebook. Your target market is going to be concentrated on one or two sites, and you must figure out which ones to focus your energy.

Once you decide which social path is right for you, the winning strategy is to gather a group of content advocates to help you spread your content. These people must be in on the strategy. It could and should include some kind of return of the favor. You agree to a post schedule that makes sense for their followers.

When you post new content, they agree to share it, comment on it, or like it. Some social media sites have changed their feeds to favor content that is popular. Your group of advocates will help you to give your posts some weight. I would hope that you also help them in return.

Social media is just as it states – social. If no one talks back to you or spreads your word, it is not social at all.

Once you set up a group of advocates, you have a great responsibility to also create great content. You will lose favor if you only put out crap, buy buy buy, or share videos of goats. The information you share should be information people want and need.

When people see that you can fill the need, people will become your customers and clients. Digital trust is just as precious as personal trust. Gain their trust with good stuff and continue to earn their trust with great stuff.

If you would like to be able to create great stuff, come and take a workshop with me. You’ll leave at the end with implementable stuff, ready to go, ready to post, and a few advocates to boot.