Basic Guide to WordPress Themes and Customization

Basic Guide to WordPress Themes and Customization and Web Development by Web Developers

We think WordPress is a very good tool to learn how to be a web developer and is a good quality resource for bloggers. Fargo website designers can learn quite a bit about becoming a serious web designer. You can find many SEO, widgets, plug-ins and useful theme templates available to buy online. This basic guide to customizing a theme will help you understand the process.

At Suite 171 a Website Design Company Based in Fargo, ND we have spent more than 22,000 hours on writing code. Ten years of developing new original ideas, and web products but we have ignored everything that could make our life easier. This is why we are very excited about WordPress themes. We think it will change web development as we know it. No more custom web development or web design! We’re ecstatic about the possibilities.

Web Development That Saves You Money and Saves Us Time

The most important thing is we can sit down with you and select a type of website theme that fits your unique business. Themes can cost around $50, and takes about a day to customize. Our web developers don’t think this is development when the source code has already been written.

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1. No custom web development required. As web developers we don’t have to spend 60-80 hours writing custom code and programming your business website. This cuts the development time and process to about 8-10 hours. Imagine the money you will save!

2. Color Selection has been one of those major decisions customers put in the hands of our trusted web designers. When you select a theme the colors are set up. We don’t have to coordinate what goes with mint green or red.

3. Fonts are another way to implement your typography or style of the theme. Select a Google font that is consistent with your branding.

4. Web Design is another good way to identify what fits your business. Just select from one of thousand premade WordPress Themes and you are set. Our web designers think this could be a good alternative to custom web design. This means we don’t have to spend hours planning the design. The design is already done.

5. Web Content is always something you will need to input. You can add your phone number, address, e-mail, logo, and testimonials to every page. Our web developers have been doing this for years, but again it’s built into almost every theme.

6. Adding Images and Photos is much easier. All you need is some good quality photos of your business or product. It’s very important to focus on good quality images. You can hire a local photographer to take some professional photos that help you stand out.

From a Web Developers Point of View

Our web developers think the downside to buying a theme is that we can’t say we developed it. These inexpensive themes are developed by experts like us, and could we could run into copyright issues. We just get the privilege of helping local Fargo business put up a website faster, and less expensive.

Types of Web Development

Nothing about these WordPress Themes have anything to do with custom web development. Everything you need is already programmed and you just need about a day to set it up. These types of website templates are very easy for us to implement as they take little to no programming knowledge. This means we don’t have to custom build anything.

Where Can I Buy WordPress Themes?

Some very inspiring businesses based in Fargo, ND use Theme Forest, and StudioPress themes. Here a few beginner website design themes and web templates you can select from. We would also like to give credit to the original designers and developers that make it all possible.

Legenda Theme – Looks like a perfect beginner website for a Jewelry Store or Candy Shop for $55 dollars. ThemeForest Price $58 Designed and developed by: 8theme

Soffa Theme – A furniture business wordpress theme price is $58 on theme forest. Example:

Bazaar Theme costs $63 on Theme forest. Example:

Barnelli Theme $58 uses the genesis framework for themes. $59