How to Use Video Content to Build Customers

Video content marketing:

With the rise of Youtube came the rise of video content. These days, you can buy a cheap camera and have your videos online in no time at all. This opens a ton of doors for anyone who’s willing to put in the work. Here are a few reasons why free videos can lead to big sales.

Video content is the most personal medium of them all

Creating videos allows you to connect to your viewers in a very intimate way. Think about it. Instead of hiding behind a bunch of words, you’re out in the open and your viewers can put a face to a name. This openness causes people to feel like they know and trust you. And ultimately, that’s what’s going to lead to big sales: trust.

Easier to convey emotions.

When you use video, people can hear your voice, see your face, and look at your body language. By doing so, they’re more likely to feel the emotions you want them to feel. This is important because contrary to what most people think, people are emotional buyers. We buy because there’s something burning inside us that makes us want to get the product. The features and benefits are just there to give us a logical reason to buy.

Video allows you to explain difficult concepts really well.

A good example of someone who uses video for content marketing is Rand Fishkin from Moz. He has a thing called whiteboard Friday where he explains SEO concepts. He does this with the help of, as the name suggests, a whiteboard. It helps explain difficult concepts like SEO to beginners.

You could easily make a simple Powerpoint presentation and use that as a base to build your video on.

Reach a bigger audience

Creating video allows you to reach a new audience. Instead of putting the video on your website and calling it a day, you can put it on Youtube and target a whole new audience you might not have been able to reach before. If they like your video, they can subscribe and you’ll start growing a community of fans


Video might be scary to create, but it pays off in the long run. You’ll have deeper connections with your viewers and they’ll trust you more. All of this will lead to big sales.