Are you willing to give up stock photography?

In the first few meetings with new clients, we try to get a good picture of what they like by having them show us examples of websites they find aesthetically pleasing. 99.9% of the time, clients will show us websites that are filled with beautiful photography. The common perception of good web design is really mistaken for having good images.

So I ask you, are you willing to take the steps necessary to have amazing images created for your new website?

It is so common to get into the design process, decide a look and feel, design a layout with stock images where the client’s images will be placed, and then the client gives us their real images and all of a sudden the wow effect is gone because the photos are just not up to the same quality. (Ideally we get the images before the layout is created, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen). They give us photos they took “really quick” with their digital camera.

Here’s the real question I don’t ever get a satisfactory answer to… Why wouldn’t a business want to invest in great photos of their products or services? We always ask what their plan for images is and we always encourage getting photos taken, and yet there are so many businesses that are not willing to take on that expense. Most businesses serve a local clientele, and using stock photos can often confuse customers. If you do business in Fargo, your website can’t have photos of traffic jams in New York City, or fruit stands in LA. Why wouldn’t you want to showcase your own people or products in the best way possible? Professional photography certainly is worth the expense –considering the fact that you are already spending significant money on a new website. It baffles me.

Look at the bigger picture, with a well planned photo session, you not only have photos for your new website, you have photos for all the other aspects of your marketing plan. Now you can have great print pieces that won’t look like everyone else’s stock photo designs. You have photos for social media posts and much more. By thinking that photos are just an added expense to your website, you’re missing out on so many more opportunities to build your brand.

Are you willing to invest in your business?