3 Reasons to Dump WordPress Now

Yup, we said it. WordPress has been over-used, over abused, and over hyped as the solution for business websites. There are three very important reasons you should choose a different option for your website content management system. If you are a blogger WordPress might be good, but not for a business website in Fargo.

WordPress is an open invitation to hackers.
The nature of WordPress as open source platform allows developers to create plugins and other code to customize the back end as needed. But that also allows coders with ulterior motives to know everything there is to know about getting through the code structure and into your site files at will. They know how to hijack your site, how to inject links into your site, and how to use your online property for their own benefit.

Real world example: More than one client has called wondering why or how links to over-seas pharmaceutical sites got loaded into their keywords or into their content. Because WordPress is blogging software, hackers find the upload options, such as comment fields, and even hidden ways to inject a link. It’s just a loophole of the file structure. There is no absolute way to secure WordPress vulnerabilities.

Code knowledge is necessary for WordPress
Even though someone who doesn’t know html can still edit the content in WordPress through the visual editor, it is too easy for those people to also “press the wrong button.” Adding the wrong plugin can open you up to vulnerability or simply crash your site. The wrong update can delete your theme, and require some professional help to fix your self-created issues.

Real example: More than once, clients have clicked on the Update WordPress Now button and loaded the latest version over their current version of the software. This more often than not overrides the custom theme that was developed and even can disable certain plugins that were developed specifically for the version of WP they were using. We’ve also had clients add new plugins that have caused other elements of the file structure to stop working and even crash the site all together. In each instance, we have to reload their files, which most often leads to loss of content or data.

WordPress is not truly responsive and very heavy.
With 56% of search traffic coming from mobile devices, it is necessary for your business website to be mobile ready. WordPress is a bulky platform and not great for mobile responsive design and not the best solutions to manage content for a good mobile site. Mobile devices require fast download speed and efficient design. It was great for the desktop computer era, but we’re moving at high speed to a mobile only world.

We have a solution. Flexible CMS is a content management system that allows you, the business owner, to manage your site content, all meta data, even add your own pages in a very user-friendly system. If you know how to use the most common word processing programs, you can use the FlexibleCMS back end. This software is not open to developers for code changes and plugins and the structure is not an open invitation to malicious attacks. Check out a Demo Video.

The killer thing about this CMS is that the site design is mobile responsive – meaning your website will adjust to your phone or tablet or pc. The majority of web searches happen from mobile devices and the number of mobile searches is growing every day.

If you’re ready to transition into a better content management system and a mobile ready website, call us today!