Aris Games for Education

If you’ve ever tried creating a game before then you understand how complex the process can be. Luckily there are tons of options out there that smooth out the entire experience for you. Aris is an iOS app that is dedicated to giving you the resources you need to build engaging games based on location and QR codes. It doesn’t have to just be a game, though. You can create interactive tours, scavenger hunts, mobile stories, or even works of art. Games can be as complex, or simple, as you want.

Aris was created by David Gagnon of the University of Wisconsin, and the app is supported by a sizeable list of other educational institutions as well. Games revolve around a series of triggers that you can assign objects to. There isn’t any programming involved, though the app is open-source so you can contribute to the project if you wish. Instead you use a GUI to essentially map out a series of triggers that you can then map to either QR codes or a location.

Getting started is easy and one of the best places to start is at the app’s site. It’s a hub that links to a ton of free resources that cover overviews, tutorials, and more. There is also a dedicated group on Google+ that features almost a thousand open topics right now. One of the most important elements of game design that Aris really seems to effectively teach people is the actual logic around programming. New users don’t have to struggle learning new syntax, instead they can jump right in and start building.

Aris has been around for years and there is a sizeable database of information written about it that’s easy to find. If you’re curious about programming or game design then Aris is one of the most fun ways to get started.