What Does a Website Cost

What a Website Should Cost

Costs range for websites based on the company providing the service. A more expensive website does not necessarily translate into a better website. Current technology is inexpensive, readily available, and designers are numerous. How can you know what to expect to pay?

What you should be getting for 100K or more
Completely custom database backend that flows seamlessly with your custom POS or accounting software. Highly encrypted software for e-commerce activity custom build for your thousands of products. Secure customer account creation and integration in database. Think Amazon.com or Zappos.com. The majority of the expense with this kind of site is on the 70K plus salaried software programmers and graphic designers, the multiple meetings with all of the project managers, user-interface developers, POS representatives, and other managers and coordinators. A site like this will take many months to complete each stage of development.

What you should be getting for 30K or more
Completely custom software that integrates with your current in-house software such as POS or inventory software. Database capabilities that may include customer account logins, employee areas different from customer areas. 100’s of pages of information, inventory items, or secured files.

We often see price tags like the previous two examples for simple marketing websites that should only be a few thousand dollars. Too often businesses are paying for meetings with designers and programmers, project meetings within the development company, scrapped ideas, and who knows what else.

The reality of online marketing is that open source technology is the most reliable and very inexpensive. Hundreds of thousands of programmers all over the world use open source programming, work out its bugs, share ideas with each other of what works and what doesn’t, share new adaptations the they figured out and test and retest code. The most search engine friendly technology is free, so you should only be paying for the time it takes for a coder to adapt this technology to your needs and time for the designer to create the look and feel that matches your branding and falls within the standards for search engine friendly coding. Why pay for meetings about meetings when all you need is to get found online?