Facebook Time Greater on Mobile Devices than Computers

According to statistics, people are using their mobile devices more than their computers for Facebook. More interesting is the fact that 80% of all users over age 18 of Android, iOS, or Blackberry smart phone platforms have the Facebook app on their phone and have used it. Also, for people who use Facebook on their PC as well as their phone, more time is spent on the mobile version of Facebook than on the computer version.

Interestingly, Facebook’s revenue stream ads don’t show up in the apps. What does that mean for businesses that rely on ads for marketing?

Facebook marketing and all social media marketing must be original and clever and attention-grabbing to the point that people want to share it with their friends. Businesses have no choice but to get creative.

If paid ads no longer reach 80% of the intended audience, it makes more sense to spend marketing dollars differently. Create good, original content that not only can be shared on Facebook but also takes up real estate online. Create online offers on your website that capture customer info and reward them for sharing with their friends. Create video to post on YouTube that is clever, funny, exciting, informative, what-ever, but brand it with your info so that when shared, people know who they contact to buy it. Take original photos, add them to your website and then share on multiple social platforms. There is no guarantee any of your content will receive a million shares, but when posted online the right way, each individual piece of content has staying power, unlike a paid ad.

If you have been relying on paid ads, here is what you’ve been missing. If you created a new post or posted a photo, video, info-graphic etc for every temporary ad that you’ve paid for, imagine how much online real estate you could have today. This is the name of the game, social media or not, content is shared and is permanent, ads are temporary and now mostly unseen.

There is no web design company in Fargo that understands online marketing better than Suite 171. We will help you stage your brand on social media and take up space online. We can create original content for you and create a website that will allow you to share your original content on multiple social platforms and take up valuable online real estate.