Reduce the Clutter in your Message

Most of us have stories that are too big to tell in one sitting, yet we market to the world as if every person needs to hear every nook and cranny of our business. The truth is they don’t need to know everything, every product, and every service, so stop wasting time and energy.

Focus on one thing at a time.

I like to start with my favorite client. Think of your absolute favorite customer. Describe them in detail. What made them your favorite client? Wouldn’t you love to attract more this kind of customer?

After you describe them and what made them a great client, you only have to ask one more question – the mack daddy of all questions: what problem did you solve for that one client? That’s the golden ticket. It is a very safe bet that there are other people out there that have that exact same problem.

Start to recreate the conversations you had with this client about this problem and your solution to it, and you will start to see a Unique Selling Proposition appear – untethered and unburdened without the clutter of trying to sell everything to everyone at all times. Here is one shining, successful USP to focus on.

Your focus now can be gathering marketing materials, creating sales pitches, placing content on focused social media sites based on what you know about solving this problem. You also have a real world case study to back up your pitch. Also, since it is modeled after your favorite experience with your favorite client, there is a joy and sense of passion to your USP. People will feel the respect you have for your clients through your sincere re-telling (so-to-speak) of this perfect solution for your ideal client.pinboard

Online marketing is not overwhelming when you remember to focus your message down to the ideal customer. Once you have that message perfected, add another focused message to another target market. Step by step you will see results that you want to see. Just remember that you shouldn’t try to do it all at the same time. No one can hear or see through clutter.