Creative content marketing tools

QuickTime pro

One of my favorite content marketing tool that I use quite often is screen capture software. There are many different varieties out there, some cost money and some are “free.” I have found that Quick Time Pro is everything I need and it comes pre-installed on any Mac or Macbook computer.

Screen capture software is a great business tool for people who teach tutorials, want to showcase online work, or want to create any kind of demo video for digital products. I use it to create how-to videos for our new Flexible CMS. I can make quick videos to show people how to edit some text on their site and longer videos showing an entire overview of step by step instructions. It allows me to choose to record the whole screen or to drag just a small window for the recording.

After the video is done, you can save it and drop it right into iMovie to edit parts within the recording. Or you can simply save it and upload it directly to YouTube. If you think creatively, you’ll come up with good reasons to make a screen capture video for your business or just for fun!

Favorite Tools – Google hangouts

Yes, I’ll admit it – Google Rules the World! One of my favorite content marketing tools is Google Hangouts, part of the tools included in your Google+ page/account. It is like Skype, but better because you can have any number of people video chatting at the same time, or you can have the whole world watching at the same time.

This tool is a must learn tool for anyone who needs to video chat for free, and anyone who holds online classes.

Video Chat for chat’s sake
If you are like me, you have family and friends spread across the country. Google hangouts allows you to video chat with one or more people at a time – for free. All you need is a webcam, which is standard on most laptops or about $15 for a cheap one for any computer that didn’t come with one.

Hold an online class
If you’ve ever thought of holding some kind of training or class online with people in different locations, Google Hangouts on Air is a great cheap solution. Whether you’re inviting people to be part of the conversation or you want to simply live broadcast your class to viewers all over the globe, you can do that with Google Hangouts on Air. You can invite people to simply watch the video live without being part of the conversation through embedding the live broadcast on your website or Facebook. After you’re done with your live broadcast, the video of that broadcast is automatically loaded onto YouTube for later viewing. Once on YouTube, you can adjust the privacy settings or simply delete the video.

Apps for almost everything
The Hangouts on Air has a number of different apps that allow you to screen share, add funny hats or mustaches to your likeness, or play YouTube videos for all to see, and many more. Get in there and play with a few, see what appeals to you and your needs and try a Hangout. You’ll have fun and maybe expand your business or offerings to a world you didn’t know you had access to.