Search Engine Optimization SEO

Website Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) in Fargo, is more than adding keywords to your website. A truly optimized website starts with the design. There are rules to follow, best practices to abide by, and web standards to fulfill. Search Engines publish guidelines and rules to follow that start with how a website is coded. Suite 171 stays up to date with the major search engines’ requirements; we do all the research necessary for you to compete. Your website starts with Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) as our top priority.

Website Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) has many parts.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Coding/Programming
Proper coding is the foundation for your website. Like in a physical building, if the foundation is faulty, the building will by faulty. The way the site is coded can be the difference between top placement on search engines and being buried on page 50.

Navigation fo Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
You want to have a website that is easy to navigate for your visitors. What you may not realize is easy navigation is also important for SEO. Proper use of navigation is one of the building blocks of optimization.

Content and Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
Even though we leave the content creation up to you, we will strongly suggest using keyword rich content, and plenty of it. When your site is built with search engine placement in mind, search engines will have to ability to read your content. The more relevant text you have on your site, the greater chance you have for search engines to see your site as relevant to the search.

Keywords/Descriptions/Meta Data
Part of the coding process, your Meta data is included in the site we build for you. (Not the case with most of our competition). Keywords are a list of descriptive words telling search engines what can be found on your site. They can be one word or a whole phrase. Typically keywords are the kinds of quick phrases people type in a search box. When the keywords are also found in the text of your site, your relevance will increase and your search placement will increase. A description is a sentence that describes what can be found on your website and shows up in search results. Descriptions can be unique to each page of your site. Meta Data is an all inclusive descriptive word for keywords, descriptions, page titles, alt. tags and other code that is meant to help you in search engine placement. Meta Data is what people think of as the most important part of SEO, however, if the site’s foundation is not in order, the Meta Data will not fix placement problems on its own.