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Web Content Marketing
In a perfect world, if you built a website for your business, it would be found by all search engines, hold the number one spot, and it would bring you ample amounts of business by just existing. Unfortunately it’s not quite that easy. You need to nurture your website as if it’s a living, breathing thing – because it is. Well, not literally, but it has the ability to function as if it were alive. You should consider adding content to your website or blog. This is why.

Just like any living organism, you website blog needs to be fed content. You feed a website or give life to a website by tending its links, renewing its content, building new links, expanding its reach and giving it regular check-ups. These check-ups should be analyzing traffic statistics and search engine placement to figure out where attention needs to be paid. If you have plenty of traffic but are not converting into sales, your check-up could help to pinpoint what needs to be addressed. Is it price? Is it Call to Action? Is it something else?

There is no magic bullet that will create your website’s success, but the more you pay attention to it, the greater the possibilities. For step by step how to’s for building traffic, increasing search results and more, visit our website.

Social Media or Social Spamming, what is your approach?
Social Media Marketing is the current craze in online marketing. Bravo to the many small businesses that have jumped in head first and just given it their all. Now that you’ve made your Facebook page and Twitter page, are you using it effectively or are you falling into the trap like so many businesses and can be categorized as social media spammers?

Social websites are designed so people to follow the postings of other people and businesses they are connected to. As businesses, however, when people choose to follow us, they are giving us a very short leash. If we continually post “buy this product” and “buy that product” we are going to be blocked faster than you can say broken record. Current statistics of actual sales from twitter and Facebook are less than .1% of followers will purchase from a post. Don’t be tempted to play the numbers game here and fall into the trap of becoming a social media spammer. The more posts you have does not mean the more sales you will get. Perhaps redefining the purpose of social media will better serve you.

Social media is not a direct sales tool; it is a tribe building tool, a loyal follower building tool, a branding tool and a customer cheerleader tool. Your initial follower will follow you because they know you, know your product or brand, and they already like you. Then there are the second tier followers that follow you because their friends told them to follow you. Next their friends will follow… and so on. The second and higher tier followers are the reason for getting into the social media world. These people don’t yet know you, but they already trust you enough to follow you. What are you going to give them in exchange? A constant sales pitch? No! You need to woo them, romance them, and court them with intriguing information, tips and secrets to getting the most out of your industry. You have to be of value to them first.

Don’t be a social media spammer and risk your followers blocking your marketing message because of too many useless posts. Give your followers a real reason to follow you. Information is king and when people who don’t know you yet are willing to say “I’ll give you a shot” don’t disappoint them.

Compelling Web Content or Bounce?

Have you wondered why your website that is positioned on page one seems not to generate activity? 99% of the time the content is to blame. Visitors will “bounce” for a number of reasons (bounce in website traffic terms means they will leave your site without clicking into an internal page.) Visitors leave after clicking on your site for the following reasons:
1. They found what they needed – like an address or phone number or hours of operation
2. The next link they clicked on was an external link, meaning one of your vendors or some other link that takes them to another website, even if that site is also one of your websites. If it’s another dot com it is considered a bounce.
3. They don’t see a reason to stay.

Giving your visitors a reason to stay has to be the first thing they see on your site. This doesn’t mean pretty pictures, but rather what’s in it for them. A strong call to action is the most important part of compelling content. What do customers get by doing business with you? Money savings is the obvious reason, but that might not be the reason people do business with you. Is it peace of mind? Is it becoming part of a community? What is the reason people give for doing business with you? That should be immediately apparent by the content of your home page.

Creating compelling content for your website takes time, thought, creativity and persistence. If you’re not a creative writer, one of the best investments you can make is hiring a professional to write your content. It will not be cheap, but compared to leaving a website out there that isn’t converting visitors, it’s a good value. Take the time to ask your current or past clients why they do business with you. Gathering their feedback will help you see common themes that can be exploited in your content. Try new content and track its performance. If the new content doesn’t change your results within 3 months, change it again.

Compelling Content is a 5 part series. Next month: Know what emotional trigger your product or service fulfills and use it in the copy.

Free Tool of the Month
Google Places http://www.Google.com/places
If you have not registered your business with Google Places, it’s free and filled with great extras. You can add your link to your website; add coupons, menus, and more. When enough people click on your business from Google maps to see your Google Places information you will earn the status of Google Favorite Places. More on Google Favorite Places on our website… Sign up for Google Places asap!

If you only have 10 minutes… Sign up for Google Places
If you only have 30 minutes… build 3 links to your website by commenting on 3 blogs of your choice.