Mobile Website or Mobile App

With all the latest technology stirring up quite a buzz, are you tempted to jump on the band wagon and flex you muscles by creating an app for your business? What do you plan on using it for? Does it help grow your business or is it just a badge of honor for you? Have you seen the evidence in your sales or consumer base that without an app you are loosing out on business? Do you want to become an app developer?

There are pros and cons for creating an app for your business. The pro is the impression of being on top of technology and a show of prosperity. Your business must be doing well if it has an app – right? The down side is the cost of continual upgrades to your app that are necessary due to the constant updating of mobile platforms, not to mention that there are three very different phone operating systems which means three different apps. (Windows, Android and Apple iOS) Every time your phone updates, your app needs to update.

An app is really like a living, breathing thing. It needs to constantly adapt to its ever-changing environment. How does it adapt? By a programmer, sitting at their computer writing code. That costs money, and unless you want your app to be completely obsolete within a year of publishing it, you need that programmer.

Do you have a great idea for an app for your business? Is it the kind you can charge for? Will it help drive more sales? Does it make your product more useful? The bottom line is that an app needs to make financial sense. If it doesn’t, think about other options that give the appearance of an app and yet cost less and drive traffic to your website.

Mobile Ready Website with Responsive Design
Responsive design allows your website to adjust to every screen and operating system, eliminating the need for a mobile app. When your website fits every screen, you can anchor all of your digital marketing in one place. You no longer need to have a website, plus a mobile website for phone users, plus an app for customer capture or whatever else. Your website adjusts to all screens so it is now the only tool you need.

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